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We are proud to offer camps accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Council Run Camps: Bothin, Deer Lake, Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine, and Volunteer Run Camp: Two Sentinels. 

As a leading authority in youth development, ACA works to preserve, promote, and improve the camp experience. Our association is committed to helping our members and all camps succeed,  all hold a current accreditation. To receive this accreditation, these camps with Girl Scouts of Northern California agree to operate by meeting or exceeding more than 300 industry standards for summer camps. Camping professionals around the country have established these standards based on long standing best practices. As ACA accredited camps, we also undergo a thorough, on-site review of operations, health and safety practices, hiring procedures, and program design.

As ACA accredited camps, we promise to provide: 

- Camp communities committed to a safe, nurturing environment
- Caring, competent adult role models
- Healthy, developmentally-appropriate experiences
- Service to the community and the natural world
- Opportunities for leadership and personal growth
- Discovery, experiential education, and learning opportunities
- Excellence and continuous self-improvement

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