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Time is running out to come to camp this year!

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Time is running out to come to camp this year! 

In just over 50 days the first sessions of summer camp will begin. If you haven't registered yet, there's still time, but spaces are filling up fast! Don't miss out on a summer full of fun and empowering experiences.  

Whether your girl loves high adventure or arts n' crafts, there’s a camp program for everyone! Visit for details about Skylark Ranch, Sugar Pine, and Bothin resident camps, as well as our Family and Volunteer-Run camps.

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Did you know that camp is the best place for her to learn life skills?

Worried about your child missing out on months of valuable learning opportunities while she's not in school? If so, summer camp is the answer!

With GSNorCal's camp programs, girls experience hands-on activities that allow them to develop essential life skills, such as:

  • problem solving, as she works with her unit to prepare an outdoor cooking meal,
  • healthy risk-taking, by challenging herself on a new hike,
  • critical thinking, as she navigates the low ropes course elements,
  • and social skills by learning to live, play, and work together with her unit for the week.
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Family Camp is family fun!

Not a Girl Scout? Not a problem! With GSNorCal's Family Camp programs, you can sign up the entire family for up to a week of camp fun.

Zip-lining, horseback riding, archery, and arts n' crafts are just a few of the activities that your family won't want to miss this summer! So whether you want to round up the whole gang for a western-themed getaway at Sugar Pine in the Sierra Nevadas (flexible reservation schedule between August 8-13) or assemble the team for an exciting outdoor adventure at Skylark Ranch along the Pacific Coast (September 1-4), there's no better way to spend your next family vacation.

Make sure to check out our Family Camps page for more information regarding prices, dates, and camp activities!

Join the Fun

Did you know? In 2016, the GSNorCal camps were voted a "Family Favorite" by BayAreaParent readers!

Join the Troop Camp Craze

Start your Girl Scout year off with an amazing outdoor get-away to our beautiful Sugar Pine resident camp in the Sierra Nevada Foothills with your troop sisters. During this special Troop Camp weekend, your girls will make a lifetime of new memories together as you spend three days trying new activities and exploring the outdoors. From swimming and hiking through nature to outdoor cooking and singing around a campfire, your troop will have plenty of quality time together during this special summer adventure!
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Gear up for summer camp with Roxy!

Roxy is stocking up on CampRocks swag and getting ready for summer camp. Whether you're looking for comfy t-shirts, handy backpacks, or your very own Roxy the Raccoon plushie, our GSNorCal retail shops everything your girl needs to have an awesome camp experience! 

Roxy can't wait to see what you've bought for camp this year—make sure to follow and share with her on Instagram and Facebook!

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Camp & Property Wish List

Looking to make a difference at camp? We're missing a few things for this camp season, so if you have any of the following items in good condition and would like to donate them to our programs, please contact  
  • Family size camping tents
  • EZ Up style pop-up canopies        
  • 20-30 gal storage tubs with lids
  • 5-10 gallon storage tubs with lids
  • Riding boots with a 1” heel    
  • Costumes – youth or adult         
  • Twin Bed sheets and blankets
  • Cooking pans
  • Dutch ovens                      
  • Outdoor cooking equipment        
  • Washing machines                  
  • Clothes Dryers   

    Preparing for Camp Tip #14 - Dealing with Homesickness

    Summer camp offers girls an exciting opportunity to build a sense of independence away from their familiar home environment as they explore the adventures of the outdoors. Our camp staff members are trained to help girls have the best camp experience possible, but that doesn't mean campers never feel homesick.Start planning now to prepare your daughter and yourself for her summer away from home. 

    To learn more about how you can help your girls prepare for camp and deal with homesickness, check out our Parents page for helpful resources. 

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