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Online Registration

Girl Scouts of Northern California provides an online registration system for camp! This method of registration is fast and easy, and it’s green! There are many benefits to using online registration like, up-to-date information on space available in programs (you’ll receive instant confirmation if space is available), waitlist opportunities for programs that might be full (which allows us to open up more spaces for campers!), and convenient payment options for your fees. We STRONGLY encourage everyone to use online registration. 

Online registration requires a credit card authorization and at least a $100 deposit for each session, except for family camp where a $50 deposit/person is required. 

If space is available...

If space is available in the program, your credit card/debit card payment will be processed immediately and you will be confirmed in the program. 

If space is not available...

If space is not available, you will see a message at the top of the registration screen stating “All registrations will be waitlisted”.  If you choose to be placed on a waitlist, complete the registration, making sure to click submit.  You can then try registering for another program. Your credit card/debit card will not be charged if you elect to be placed on a waitlist. If space becomes available, an email notification will be sent.

Note: Online registration uses enhanced security features for secure transactions. Our service provider is Security Metrics Certified, meeting the Payment Card Industry security standards (PCI).

Terms and Conditions

By moving forward in your online registration, I understand that deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. I will register my daughter for the correct grade level program based on the grade she is entering in the FALL. I understand that if my confirmation receipt does not show "waitlisted" next to my daughter's name that she is placed in the program. The exception is if my daughter is applying for an application only program (e.g.CIT, WIT, Tally Ho, Drill Fever). I understand that I will have to provide a health form signed by my daughter's physician with an exam date within 12 months of her camp session in order for her to attend a resident camp program (Bothin, Deer Lake, Skylark Ranch, Sugar Pine). 

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