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Whether a girl is a first-time or experienced camper, Girl Scouts of Northern California has a summer camp program that’s right for her! During the summer, we offer a variety of different types of camps and programs for girls of all ages.

Our camps offer unique life experiences designed to help girls discover and develop themselves. Within a safe and supportive environment, girls participate in activities that develop skills, build self-esteem, and provide a sense of accomplishment. The programs are well-rounded and are appropriate to the age, interests, and abilities of the campers. What makes our camps so special is the connection experienced with new friends, the support of a trained staff, and outdoor experiences that provide progression, challenge and FUN, all in a place just for girls!

Council-Run Camps

At our council-run camps, we offer a wide variety of overnight programs. Whether your girl visits Bothin near Marin, Skylark Ranch near Santa Cruz, or Sugar Pine near the Sierra Foothills, she’ll experience a safe and supportive environment with many opportunities to discover new things, develop new skills, and of course, have fun!

In addition to our 3 main resident camps, GSNorCal maintains several other properties and program centers throughout Northern California that are available to rent. For more information, check out our Rental Directory or contact us at

Troop and Family Camp

Our troop and family camp sessions offer affordable bonding opportunities for girls and their families in the great outdoors. Troop sisters, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousinsit’s camp fun for everyone!  

Volunteer-Run Camps

With both day and overnight options, our volunteer-run camps are managed by volunteers at local community locations and Girl Scout properties through Northern California. Parents can often attend with their daughters in exchange for assisting with camp operations.


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