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Registration Information


Girl Scouts of Northern California is committed to providing exciting and enriching outdoor experiences for all girls. Join us in this commitment and give your daughter the gift of a lifetime- SUMMER CAMP! 

When to Register 

  • *Online registrations will be accepted at that time on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • *Camp registrations are confirmed once they are placed in the Girl Scout computer system regardless of whether a confirmation notice has been received. Your receipt confirms placement in a program or waitlist status in a program. 
  • *Please note that many programs are not full on the first day of registration and we will continue to accept registrations after that date.

Important Notes About Registration

  • *Telephone and email registrations will not be accepted.
  • *The camp registration form in the brochure and fillable pdf allow you to register for up to two sessions of camp per form. To sign up for multiple camp sessions online, follow the instructions listed on the link to online registration.
  • *Do not sign up for multiple camp programs during the same session time in more than one camp. Deposits are not refundable once a camp registration has been confirmed.
  • *To register two campers for the same program, they must both meet the age requirements for that program. List them as Camper Buddies on each other's online or paper registration form. For paper registration, submit them together or mail them in the same envelope. Placement with a buddy is not guaranteed. A maximum of two names together will be accepted.
  • *A current health exam within, 12 MONTHS of the registered camp session, by a Licensed Physician, Physicians Assistant or Nurse Practitioner acting under the supervision of a Licensed Physician is required for attendance at resident camp.
  • *An additional application and/or reference form is required for the Advanced Equestrian programs and Leadership programs (Lead On & all CIT/WIT levels).
  • *Once you are placed in the program, you will receive a user name and password to the Parents Corner where you can find confirmation information and more details about your daughters or families stay at camp. This information is sent by email and may be received up to 3 weeks after you’ve completed registration.
  • *Sugar Pine Round Up Family Camp confirmations are sent separately approximately 3 weeks after submitting your registration.


The Power of the Waitlist

If you have a first choice program that you really want, but it's already full- make sure you register for the waitlist! The waitlists for camp programs are reviewed regularly and are helpful when potentially opening up additional room in programs, directing you to other programs that may be similar, future planning for programs and more! 


Our Registrars our information experts about our camp programs! They are available to help find the right camp, program, and/or session for your daughter- contact us at call us at 1-800-447-4475 extension 2091 for more information.