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Volunteer Camp Director Desk

Volunteer Run Day and Resident Camps are a valuable experience allowing thousands of girls to extend their

Girl Scout experience into the summer months. 

Thank you for your commitment to brining an amazing camp experience to girls throughout communities in Northern California. 

Below are links to forms and resources useful to Volunteer Run Camp Administrative Teams.  The Outdoor Program Department will continue to update

these resources, and we welcome suggestions for additional resources that may be helpful to you! 


2015 Updates are in progress.  Please check back soon for additional resources to prepare for the 2015 camp season. 


2014-2015 Council Resource Guide

The current CRG may be found on the GSNorCal website


2015 Volunteer Run Camp Administrative Guide

2015 VRCAG available here.  This guide is provided as a resource for camp directors, administrators and planning committees of volunteer run camps to assist in the logistics and details consistent with a GSNorCal Volunteer Run Camp. 



Event and Volunteer Led Camp Notification Form (formerly Intent to Operate Form)

Click here for new online notification form!   Temporary Notification Form



Compensated Staff Addendum

2015 Form Coming Soon!



Budget Worksheet

A blank form you may use may be found here or on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library


Accident/Injury/Incident Reports

Forms you may use may be found below or on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library

Accident/Injury Report          Online Form          Printable Form

Incident Report                    Online Form          Printable Form

Mutual of Omaha Claim Form

Forms and Instructions may be found at the Mutual of Omaha website, or contact for assistance


Bank Account Packet

A blank packet you may use may be found on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library. 


Request for Authorization                to Rent Vehicles

A blank form you may use may be found here or on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library

Financial Aid Form

The 2015 form is now available on Camp Rocks!


Volunteer Services Agreement 

Camps may use verbiage in their existing documents OR have volunteers submit this form indicating an agreement to serve as a volunteer at your camp.  


Certificate of Insurance Request

A blank form you may use may be found here or on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library


Cookie/Fall Sale          Reimbursement Form

The most current form may be found online among the Volunteer Cookie Resources on the GSNorCal website. Reimbursement requests must be turned in by September 30th each year.  Please allow 4 weeks for processing. 



Milk Program Application

New contact information coming soon!


Donation Form (formerly Gift in Kind Form)

A blank form you may use may be found on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library


Camp Attendance Report 

Choose the form appropriate to your camp (day or resident) and submit along with Admin Fee by September 15th.     Day Camp Attendance Form, Resident Camp Attendance Form


Volunteer Camp Finance Report

A blank form you may use may be found here


Service Unit Event              Emergency Form

Online form may be accessed directly through the GSNorCal website



Trip & High Adventure Activity      Notification & Approval Form

Link to form may be found here or on the High Adventure Activities page on the GSNorCal website


Health Forms

Links to camp-specific forms may be found here:

Day Camp (Youth), Day Camp (Adult)Resident Camp (Youth)Resident Camp (Adult)


Other forms

Samples of other camp-specific and resources may be found in the Volunteer Run Camp Resource Dropbox folder, or by contacting the Outdoor Program Director, Volunteer Run Camps.  Examples include:  sample letter to emergency services, health care log, medication log, job descriptions, etc.


Health Care Procedures


Health Care Protocols Manual is available to camps in the Dropbox resources.


Emergency Procedures

GSNorCal Emergency Management Procedures- information for camps and other council sponsored events on how to handle emergencies.  Sample Emergency Procedures included. 

Crisis Team - The Purpose of the Camp Crisis Team is to efficiently and effectively assist the Camp Director/Administrator and Council in dealing with a crisis situation in camp.  Consult the VRCAG for more information on building your crisis team.

Media Information Sheet – printable form is available on the GSNorCal website in the Forms Library

Staff Resources

Volunteer Screening - All Volunteers who work at camp need tobe registered and volunteer approved.  For help verifying the status of your volunteer staff, questions or for more information on getting your camp volunteers screened and volunteer approved, contact:

 Volunteer Run Camp Training Guidelines

Additional Resources

Logo and Flyer Guidelines - When developing your camp website or other marketing materials use these resources to ensure proper use of the Girl Scout logo and hints for layout, content and language. 

GSUSA Guidelines

GSNorCal Social Networking Guidelines

Online Registration/PCI Compliance Information Packet.  Any camp considering using online registration must ensure protection of credit card data in accordance with industry standards that are known as PCI compliance.  For more information, consult the CRG (pg. 122) and this packet. 


Safety Activity Checkpoints

The Safety-Wise book has been discontinued.  Although it is still a very useful publication and can be used for preliminary safety planning, current Safety Activity Checkpoints should be consulted for every activity girls participate in. For the Safety Activity Checkpoints click HERE.