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Volunteer Camp Director Desk

Volunteer Camp Director Desk Volunteer Run Day and Resident Camps are a valuable experience allowing thousands of girls to extend their Girl Scout experience into the summer months. Thank you for your commitment to bringing an amazing camp experience to girls throughout communities in Northern California. Below are links to forms and resources useful to Volunteer Run Camp Administrative Teams. The Outdoor Program Department will continue to update these resources, and we welcome suggestions for additional resources that may be helpful to you!

These resources are gathered together via Trello. A public board for organizing workflow and projects. It's as simple as scrolling through the list to find the topic or resource you're looking for.

1. Click on the "card" or the title of the resource you need.

2. The Trello board for Volunteer Camp Directors will open up. (no need to sign into anything!)

3. Click on the link to the website or document, and you've got your resource.

If you do sign up for a free Trello account, you can comment and interact with the resources available (share tips and tricks, etc). It's not necessary, but an added feature if you prefer this type of organization tool.

For any questions or comments regarding Volunteer Run Camps, contact Alexandra Diaz.